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Fleetwood High School

Vision & Values

“Leaders and governors have instilled a ‘no excuses culture’ across the school”


Mission Statement

‘Achievement for all through personal best’


Fleetwood High School is a community where we all recognise the value of learning and have pride in achievement. Inspired through the culture of independent learning, everyone is expected to push the boundaries of their potential through dedication to personal best.

Students will be happy and safe within a stimulating, well ordered and challenging environment, which promotes a healthy lifestyle. A climate of mutual respect, the desire to achieve, combined with excellent attendance will create confident, articulate young people determined to make a positive contribution to their community.

As a central provider for the community, our efficient and effective school will deliver the highest quality of public education and will, through an extensive range of partnerships, seek to develop key aspects of community life.

Embracing change, we will enhance the achievement of our young people, creating a generation intent on lifelong learning and on making a difference to the quality of their lives and to the lives of others.

We are the school with a heart in the town with a heart




This means

High expectations at Fleetwood High School we plan challenging lessons for all pupils. We expect all of our pupils to think hard and try their very best at all times. We always give our teachers our 100% undivided attention.

Equipped to learn. We always wear the correct uniform with pride. We always have our own stationery and equipment so we are fully prepared for a day’s learning as would need to be in the world of work.

Ambitious and aspirational. We aim to be the very best we can be in all areas of life. All students aim to get the highest grades possible so they can be successful on the next part of thier journey. We aim high, to make dreams come true. 

Respectful and restorative where we attend the friendliest school in England having mutual respect for one another. The warmest and politest school. We never talk when somebody else is and we never disturb learning.

Taking Care of each other and our environment. Everyone is safe and happy.