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Fleetwood High School


The Multi Agency Support Panel (MASP) has been set up in Fleetwood as part of a multi-agency contextual safeguarding response to the increasing incidents of Child Criminal Exploitation (CCE) happening within Fleetwood.

The MASP is made up of multi-agency partner representatives across the Fleetwood area, including:

  • Fleetwood area Secondary and Primary schools
  • Regenda and Great Places, housing agencies
  • Child and Family Wellbeing Service
  • Fire Service
  • Youth Offending Team
  • Lancashire County Council
  • Lancashire Police
  • Lancashire VRN
  • Our Lancashire
  • Youth Divert

All MASP referrals are dealt with confidentially and in line with GDPR regulations.
It is recognised that young people are targeted within their neighbourhoods, peer groups and schools and a response therefore needs to focus on these areas.

We recognise that these issues cannot be addressed in isolation and that by sharing information between agencies and identifying common risk factors that contribute to a young person being exploited support can be put in place that prevents the risk becoming reality.


• To keep our young people safe from criminal exploitation within their neighbourhoods, peer groups and schools in Fleetwood.
• To provide a multi-disciplinary approach to consider how best to intervene early when a young person is showing indicators of vulnerability.
• To identify and share information about those young people at risk across agencies to tackle CCE on a wider scale
• To provide young people at risk or involved with criminal exploitation and their parents / carers with positive support, information and opportunities
• To support professionals working with young people at risk or involved in criminal exploitation

How does it work?

The MASP is a panel of professionals from Police, Children’s Services, Education, Health and third sector community organisations that meet as needed to discuss support and actions for young people who are presenting with early indicators or vulnerability for Child Criminal Exploitation in Fleetwood.

As with any early concerns around safeguarding or welfare of young people it is the expectation that the referrer has already discussed concerns with the parents / carers of the young person being referred. Consent needs to be obtained for a referral to this panel.

Referral form and supporting guidance is available here:-
Referral FormReferral GuideReferral forms should be sent to MASPFleetwood@Fleetwoodhs.org.uk  

Following a referral, you will:- 
• Receive feedback about actions needed
• Be signposted on to other agency support

Feedback Form

MASP is not a referral to a statutory involvement from services. For any concerns where a young person is at risk of their health or development being significantly impaired (section 17 Children Act) or there is reasonable cause to suspect a child is suffering, or is at risk of suffering significant harm (Section 47 Children Act) then the referrer must follow their organisation’s safeguarding policy.

The Police should be contacted about criminal activity via either 101 (999 in an emergency). 
Community Safety referral form for Lancashire Constabulary