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A wide range of extra-curricular performances are produced with at least four in house shows per academic year. Local theatre visits are organised regularly for various groups of students. Our annual West End theatre trip is a particular highlight, allowing students to experience two West End shows and work alongside cast members in workshops at Pineapple Studios.

Major Performances within school Major Performances outside of school:

  • Pantomime / Musical Production Wyre & Fylde Dance Festival
  • Music Concert Northern Beat Drama Competition
  • KS4 Showcase Wyre & Fylde Celebration of Music
  • Talent Spotters
  • Performing Arts Festival

The Fleetwood Schools Concert Bands is led by Fleetwood High School working in collaboration with local schools, along with a school choir and a variety of ensemble groups including ukulele, samba and rock bands, provide students, whatever their level of expertise, opportunities to perform and create music.

For those interested in the music industry, with have extensive recording and sound equipment to develop sequencing and recording. Peripatetic tutors visit the School to teach individually and in small groups on a wide range of instruments. There is also an opportunity for students to join our ‘Crew’ team of technicians, which covers all aspects of stage management.

Students have opportunities to take part in a variety of dance and drama performances including the dance leaders award and drama workshops led by professionals.